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Meet Nadira...

"Our People Are Our World's Greatest Asset"

Nadira Haniff

""I am Strong. I am Committed. I am a tough Entrepreneur who does not quit before the finish line!  I know there is no free lunch, no free ride, no freebies period!  Like many of you, I have been dealt some hard knocks in life but you know what?


The real test, the true test of entrepreneurship is; when you are down, your knees are bruised , business revenue is low & you are hurting; are you able to  grit your teeth, rise up, give it another big heave and take it to the top? That's the true test of Entrepreneurship! Do you have it? ""


INTRO: Nadira has a deep passion for entrepreneurship, self-development, building teams and igniting the passion in people to reach their true potential. Our greatest asset is our people!  Imagine building, creating and being a part of something bigger than you?


When we truly educate & empower someone, that very one could ignite the passion in thousands, and those  thousands empower thousands more! One step at a time, one day at a time, strategize to become financially strong & influential, participate to improve the inequities in the world, be engaged in restoring our planet and significantly strive to make Earth a better place for all...

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