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Too many give up before the Finish line

Too many stop short of Greatness

Too many stifle unsung songs and yet

Too many never realize their Amazing potential


GreenJump Consulting 

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Post Pandemic, An Uphill Battle?

It's been over two years since the first Covid-19 alarm was raised! Yes! It has been a long time since we are living in an upside down world! Variants are still raging through our communities, no matter where you live on Planet Earth!


Many have lost their earning power, many have seen their businesses go up in smoke. Many more face a lot of pain and hardship :(  There is no nice way to put it. This is the stark reality. Entrepreneurs are faced with a changing world.

How are we going to regain some equilibrium? How are we going to repair, rebuild and restart? Is the answer a simple one? Or are we going to be in the quicksand trying to fight our way out for a long time?


After the frustration and disappointment phase has passed; if you look really hard you will see the new opportunities which are opening up. Yes, you may need to acquire new skills, new innovative ways of thinking, a revised mindset, bold technology and embrace new ways of doing business. 

1) Take a serious assessment of where you are and where you want to go. Don't sugar coat it, be realistic.


2) Don't overlook new opportunities because you are stuck in your old ways. Many times it is exactly these tough times which forge new methods, new business and new breakthroughs


3) Every obstacle, every challenge may provide the catalyst for incredible steps forward, attract new thinkers in your circle and set the stage for growth

4) Look ahead, not behind you. You may need new capital or new research. Reach out and seek new partners. There are many like you who are looking for the same thing! New opportunity, new partners & new ways of doing business


5) The one thing which the pandemic has made abundantly clear; we are a global village! With the click of a button we are connected to like-minded people all over the World! We are getting better with using technology for learning & communication, opening up borders & breaking down barriers


6) Opportunities are abundant! Connect and communicate. Entrepreneurs are looking ahead and positioning to take their place on a global business platform. The goal is to perform more efficiently, effectively, profitably and raise productivity with new business and technology, new partners and tools


Greenhouse Project

Our Planet is under siege! With decades of abuse, we have come to the point where WE must take decisive steps, positive action to slow the damage and chart a bold new course to regain and maintain the splendor of this amazing Planet we call Earth! 

Solar Greenhouses harness renewable energy, reduce our carbon footprint, create new jobs all year round, provide produce for locals as well as exports, generate revenue, improve water supply & living conditions and raise the standard of living across Communities worldwide

We are teamed up with a leading Global expert in Solar Greenhouse Villages which boasts extensive international experience in the design, procurement, and installation of End to End Photovoltaic Solar Solutions. Our Partner Group has seasoned experience in managing Off Grid Connected Solar Solutions and have completed installation of over a hundred Greenhouses globally. Solar Villages usually include all the facilities required for hundreds of local employees

The Team builds out state of the art Greenhouses on 100 acres or more of land and off-grid solar plants in most countries. We train women and men in skills as advised by the state governments and local governments. These Projects create thousands of local jobs.  The Team specializes in Solar Power Plants include engineering procurement and construction of any capacity; Smart City – advance technologies to improve residence security communication. 

Want To Be Part Of A Project? Have access to land approx. 100 to 200 Acres? This could be the beginning of an abundantly Producing Solar Greenhouse Village Project , complete with an off-grid Solar Power Station. Providing good, stable jobs year round to locals and improving the overall standard of living for the Community.  



Call: 1+ 647-409-1038 (Toronto)  Email: 

Solar Greenhouses

Organic Tomatoes & More - Anywhere In The World!


Solar Greenhouse Farms Provide Food, Jobs, Education, Improvement in Health Systems, TechnologyAnd Agrobusiness

These projects provide excellent Cash flow from the Project and continuous opportunity for increasing profitability.



Superb Quality Organic Vegetables 

** Cherry Tomatoes |  Beef Tomatoes 

** Cucumbers |  Bell Pepper 

** Lettuce |  Cabbage


** Eggplant | Spinach


** Strawberry | Flowers 

** Herbs (Basil, Rosemary, parsley) 

** Cannabis 

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Our Greenhouses employ the latest solutions in agro-technology to enable the  maximization of each growing cycle, provide higher quality produce and obtain higher prices for crops. By designing individually-tailored turnkey projects, we offer the most economical, efficient structures and systems, suited to local environmental conditions, water availability and budget allocations


We have been in the business of designing, producing and marketing advanced greenhouses for almost two decades. We have complete control over all stages of the process.  And, we provide cost saving systems which utilize alternative energy sources, water recycling and more. We are the “one stop shop” for greenhouses and all things related

Our comprehensive approach to turnkey greenhouse projects begins with an initial feasibility study and incorporates all stages of evaluation, development, design, construction, installation and implementation.

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We continue to provide support on the ground to ensure the proper operation of our greenhouse projects and to ensure they achieve their economic potential. With ongoing technical, agronomic and commercial support we optimize our customers' growth methods and crop selections to best satisfy current needs and evolving market demands

Ease Of Assembly

These unique greenhouses are prefabricated and assembled on site. Easy implementation by local manpower & our TEAM Supervision. Full adaptation to local requirements. For example 40 Green Houses could yield up to 6,000 tons of vegetables per year. That's over 6,000,000 Kgs!   


Size of each Green house, approximately 1.25 Acre. (5000 sq. meters). Total land size required for 40 Greenhouses is approximately 70 Acres. The solar field needs about  30 Acres. Total Solar Farm requires 100 Acres of land

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Control over crop growth parameters results in:

1. Higher quality crops which deliver higher profits.

2. Improved land utilization which leaves land resources for other purposes (i.e.; real estatedevelopment) 

3. Better-supervised production organic and bio produce, without the use of pesticides


4. Substantial decrease in water and fertilizer use, as well as minimal exposure to infectionsand environmental hazards serving as a basis for the installation of recycling systems

5. Considerable economy in manpower, as compared with the labor required for tending toopen fields, while providing year-round (not seasonal) employment. That's jobs!

6. Improved ability to compete in export markets 

7. Continuous training and professional specialization which leads to excellence in the skillset of personnel.

Create More Jobs

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Greenhouse Projects provide viable jobs which increase productivity, stability and self sufficiency in communities.  A 40 Greenhouse Solar Village Farm generates jobs for approximately 250-400 people. These are year round jobs not seasonal! Our Greenhouses produce consistently all year. Farms are not adversely affected by inclement weather and there are no seasonal low yields to hamper productivity. 


Solar Greenhouse Projects across the world fill a big void by providing  good jobs, ample food, better healthcare for adults and children, improved water systems, increase social benefits  and overall better standard of living within these communities


Let’s Engage

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